Samsung’s Foldable smartphone, see leaked images and stunning look..


Samsung boasts of working on a folding smart phone for a long time and a new report suggests that the Korean giant could present the world’s first folding smart phone at CES 2019

Although this is a little distant, a report by the Dutch publication NieuweMobiel with Jonas Dähnert reveals a glimpse of how the smartphone might actually appear. So we do not have an official name for the smartphone, but from now on it is known as the Galaxy X.

A GSMArena report also mentions that the device could be called Galaxy F, the “F” being foldable. However, it seems that Samsung can call it Galaxy X because it has a more conventional sound.

The rendered images show the Galaxy X (or F) provided in three different positions, one completely bent, one partially bent at one angle and another completely untapped.

From what can be done with these renderings, the screen can not be folded, even when the phone is closed. There is a folding zipper in the middle that resembles the Microsoft Surface Book. There is a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone in the images that Samsung could remove and completely replace with a fingerprint scanner below the screen.

These images, however, must be taken with many rooms because they are not official representations, but have been created on the basis of all the patents that Samsung has submitted for a foldable smartphone to date. The patterns contained in the company’s patented applications also follow.

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